Rating System

I read and review mostly Christian fiction of most genres. Sometimes I will review Secular fiction, however, they will all be clean (no sex and minimal cussing, which will be noted).

I do not summarize books in my reviews. I believe this often gives too much away when a story should be left as a surprise. For this reason I will note anything that might be questionable and will provide the Goodreads description above my review, but will not summarize.

What the Ratings Mean for Fiction:

5 Stars: Amazing, I could not think of anything I did not enjoy.

4 Stars: Great, only a few issues but they are inconsequential.

3 Stars: Okay, redeeming qualities and I might read the second.

2 Stars: Mah, so many problems that I just can't get over it.

1 Stars: Never, ever read this.

 What the Ratings Mean for Non-Fiction:

5 Stars: Amazing, very helpful/insightful and would buy for a friend.

4 Stars: Good, makes a lot of great points and would recommend.

3 Stars: All right, some good points but nothing earth shattering.

2 Stars: Fine, not necessarily helpful also not completely inaccurate.

1 Stars: Inaccurate, unhelpful and misleading.

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