Suggest a Book

Suggest a Book
(Currently accepting requests for traditionally published novels as well as some self-published fantasy.)

Know of a book that you have been wondering about? Suggest it to me for review here. 

Every book you suggest will either tell me what I need to add to my TBR pile or what needs to be moved to the front of it. Here are the rules:

Tell me the book title and author. If you would like, say why you are interested in it.
•Please only suggest one book a month. Anyone who suggests more will have the extras deleted.
If someone has already suggested a book that you want to see a review for, please still suggest it yourself so that I know which books people want to see the most.
•Authors, please do  not suggest your own book unless you are willing to give me a copy for review. If so, please say so in the comment and leave me a way to contact you.

Other information:

No erotica.
If a review is provided for a book, all comments asking for it will be deleted.
A book from any year is permitted.

For Authors- here are a few things that I am particularly interested in:
•Stories with Native American heroes/heroines.
•Unique fairytale retellings.
•Space Opera.
•Fantasy which draw from unique time periods (ex. the Colonial period).

For Self-Published Authors:
Only 3.5 Star reviews and higher are posted on my blog for these reviews. For 3 stars and below, you have the option to request I not share my review on Goodreads or Amazon. All reviews actually posted, will be submitted to Goodreads and Amazon. If the review is shared on my blog, an image of the book will also be shared on my Instagram account. If you wish to request I review your book, please email me at lotsofbooks1 (at) live (dot) com.

Books reviewed through this page already:
Pilgrimage of Promise by Cathy Bryant. Thank you Cathy for giving me the book to review!
* The Word Changers by Ashlee Willis. Thank you, Ashlee, for a copy!


  1. Hey there! Just wanted to thank you for participating in my blog tour :) If you're comfortable with sending me your mailing address at jamie (at), I would like to send you a personal thank-you note and a little gift. If not, I totally understand. Just know that you are very much appreciated. <3


    Jamie Foley

  2. Hi Rebekah,

    My name is Kelly Goshorn. I'm looking for opportunities to spread the word about my debut historical romance, A Love Restored. I'm wondering if you have space on your blog for either a review, author interview or character sketch. I'm happy to do a giveaway as well. I can provide you with a Kindle copy of the book. Here is the link to the book blurb on my website so you can decide it this might interest you.

    thanks so much for considering my request!

    1. Hi Kelly. So sorry that I am just now seeing this! I can't believe I missed it. I will look into your book and contact you if I am interested.

  3. Hi! I'll soon be releasing my 2nd book in a contemporary christian romance series at the end of the summer entitled A Worthy Heart. If you're available in July or August to read and review I will gladly provide a digital ARC in exchange for a review. You can check out the ratings and blurb of the first book in the series on Amazon.

    If you have spots available July-September, I'd also be willing to contribute a print copy of my first novel for a giveaway.

    Here's a link to my book blurb if you're so interested!

    Thanks so much for posting book reviews! God bless and take care.