Biography: Rebekah Gyger is a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee, with a bachelor's degree in Anthropology. She currently works as an archaeologist and spends her free time writing and blogging. Her first short fiction piece, a contemporary romance titled Family Stickers, was published in 2015 on the Splickety's Lightning Blog at . You can also read her guest post on the Go Teen Writers website, 7 Thoughts for Writers Struggling With Depression.

Contact: Rebekah loves to speak with people about writing, blogging, books, and history. If you wish to contact her, her email is lotsofbooks1 (at) live (dot) com. Currently, I am closed to review requests.

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 Pictures of Rebekah and Authors:

With Tosca Lee- 2014

Ted Dekker, Salyna Gyger, Rebekah, and Tosca Lee- 2013

Gabriel Gyger, Rebekah, Bryan Davis- 2009


  1. Great blog, Rebekah!

  2. Oh my gosh! I didn't know you had met Mr. Davis too! That's so cool! I nominated you for blog award. ^ ^