Friday, June 7, 2013

So Shines the Night- T. L. Higley

My Rating: 4 Stars

Description: Daria's new home in Ephesus with Lucas both beguiles and confounds her, until she meets followers of The Way.

Her past has taught her that evil is real, that it can consume a person. She saw it happen with her husband, before he took his own life. Widowed, with no family, Daria becomes a tutor to Lucas, a rich traveling merchant from Ephesus. There she discovers evil has a strong foothold and that Lucas himself seems drawn to evil and sorcery.

As her relationship with her employer grows, she fears that she will be unable to pull him to pull him from demonic influence. Tension in the city is about to erupt, as a new sect called The Way continues to draw followers. A man called Paul leads the movement against the economic and political strength of the city, found in its goddess cult.

When she learns more of the ways of the Christians and their ability to defeat evil, she begins to have hope. But then Lucas is arrested and jailed for a brutal crime, and it seems not even the Christians can help.

Tensions escalate in the city until thousands are pouring into the arena to protest the influence of the Christians, and a plot to kill Paul is underway. When Lucas's execution is scheduled, Daria must find a way to prove his innocence, save his life, and help her new friends before everyone she loves is destroyed.

My Thoughts: Once again, Higley weaves a master story combining history and fiction. I loved this continuation of the seven wonders series. When the remains of Colossus made an appearence in this book (the wonder from book one) I literally squealed.

Higley has this way of telling stories that I already know (like that of Paul or Nebuchadnezzar) in a way that enthralls me as if I had never heard it before. I cant wait to the sixth book to come out.

The only reason this has four stars is because it started out a little slow. Once it got going though, I couldn't put it down.

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