Monday, February 10, 2014

Writing Tip- Ending Worth Reading

Dances With Wolves will go down in history as my favorite story ending ever. It is the most emotional and meaningful ending I have seen to date and is one I will remember the lines too for years to come.

If you have never seen the movie, let me set it up for you. Dances With Wolves has just made enemies with the Union soldiers, who he had previously been a hero too. Because of this, he knows he must leave the Sioux tribe he has come to call home, or else bring war upon these people. As he is leaving, the tribe stands by in silent farewell and Wind in His Hair is up on the cliff yelling his good-bye.

This is so emotional and appropriate for the story because of who Wind in His Hair is. He is the silent type, only speaking when he needs to. He is the fight and ask questions later kind of man. At the beginning, he was the one advocating that the tribe kill the white man (Dances With Wolves, or John) who has come into there territory. He is the one who was slow to trust. And now he is the one most remiss to let go.

If you have never seen Dances With Wolves, I highly suggest that you do. It is an amazing movie.

Dances With Wolves has the kind of ending we should all strive for. Not necessarily sad and emotional, but
an ending worth reading. Worth seeing.

I can not tell you how many books I have read where the ending did not live up to the story. Where it dropped the epic tale in the dust. Make your ending worth reading. Make it worth something to the story. It does not need to have a cliffhanger or conflict to worth while. Just let it show us how your characters have grown.


  1. Very important to remember. I hate it when an ending falls flat. :P

  2. Sounds like a great movie! And that's a great writing tip!

    Alexa Skrywer