Monday, April 28, 2014

Writing Tip- Authonomy

Authonomy is a writing community run by HarperCollins Publishing. It is free to join and use. Members can upload all of or parts of their novel to be read and critiqued by members of the community and every week, the top five rated books are read and reviewed by HarperCollins editors. Some members are editors and publishers from other companies who may contracts to authors they like.

Edit: Those who may have seen this post when it went up this morning, will remember that I said Robert Treskillard was found on Authonomy. It has since been brought to my attention that this is not true. Robert did use authonomy, but was not taken on by Zondervan  for his book, Merlin's Blade, until two years after he left the site. Here is a link to a post he wrote on the experience. Robert is good friends with Jill Williamson and many other authors and will soon release his third novel, Merlin's Nightmare.

Once I have gone through another round of edits, I plan to submit my novel, Bonded Souls, to Authonomy and I hope you will join the community and read it!


  1. Authonomy was a really good experience for me, and may it be for you as well! Lots of quality critiques and encouragement are awaiting you...

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