Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm Nobody- Alex Marestaing

My Rating: 5 Stars

Description: Emily meets Caleb, Caleb meets Iris, and a gray world turns Technicolor.

Agoraphobic Caleb Reed is about to step outside for the first time in seven years, meet indie filmmaker Iris Elliott…and definitely not fall in love. It’s all because of the notes, the weird and wonderful notes he keeps finding on his front porch, notes signed by someone claiming to be long dead poet Emily Dickinson. Caleb’s parents think he’s losing his mind, but he knows they’re wrong. Something’s going on outside – something strange, something terrifying …something beautiful.

My Thoughts: The first of all teen years are a frightening time, with the world and one's self changing. For Caleb, life is even more fearful, with anything out of the ordinary a threat. I found his story enthralling and perfect for preteens exploring their world. Or adults rediscovering it.

I received this book through Litfuse in exchange for an honest review.

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