Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm Going to JORDAN!- Guest Post Sign-ups

That's right, this summer I will be interning on an archaeology dig in Jordan, excavating a Roman fort. If you want to know more about this dig, you can look here, or I will be posting more information in a month or so.

Ayn Gharandal Site in Jordan

Since I will be in Jordan for nearly two months, I will not have as much time to review or post on Backing Books in that time. So I am opening up June / July for guest bloggers. Here is what I'm looking for:

Bloggers who-
* Wish to post a review on Backing Books - or- talk about writing on Backing Books.
* Want to advertise their own blog at the bottom of their post.
* Suggest their own idea.

Authors who-
* Wish to plug their own book -or- talk about writing on Backing Books.
* Want to advertise their own website at the bottom of their post.

Requirements for Posts-
* Must follow my guidelines found on How it Works.
* Books must be clean and posts must be suitable for YA readers.

What This Means for You-
Before hand, I will be posting a schedule, detailing who will be taking part, as well as what their posts are titled. Posting as a guest will bring you visibility to other posters' fans, as well as my own followers. There will be at least one giveaway, hosted by me, which will run the length of the guest posts, and hopefully bring in more views. 

If you want to take part in the June/ July guest bloggers, please email me at telling me so. I will respond with a document which you will need to fill out to let me know what all you want to do. Based on how many responses I receive, I will send out a schedule, list of content, and a deadline for your post be sent to me for upload.

On May 15th I will be closing sign ups, so please email me soon!

Rebekah Gyger

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