Friday, July 17, 2015

Jordan Update 5- Wadi Rum

This last weekend, we spent the night camped out in this beautiful valley called Wadi Rum. It was a two day trip and so much fun. The valley is run by a Bedouin village, who make their living off of taking tours through the valley.

The First Day
When we first arrived, the Bedouin packed us all in the back of some trucks and drove us around the valley, stopping at different sites to look around.

The trucks we rolled out in.

That Night
At the end of the tour, we were dropped off in a camp and offered tents to sleep in. After dropping off our stuff there, we hiked up a mesa to watch the sunset. Once we had our fill of the view, we returned to camp for a dinner of chicken and rice (which was delicious!) and then stayed to dance and hang out for a little while.

Around 11pm, people started splitting off into groups to find a place to sleep (we decided to forgo the tents and sleep under the stars). My group of four slept on the mesa where we had watched the sunset and, since we were the last group to leave, we did so without mattresses and instead just had whatever blankets we could find.

Me trying to sleep while Sara flashes everyone with her camera.

The Next Day
After waking up at about 4am,then  stumbling to the tent so I could catch some more sleep without my group members waking me up every so often as they rolled around, knocking rocks everywhere, I finally got up at 5:30am to look at the sky before breakfast. I was able to watch the Bedouin herd in a group of camels, and after breakfast we all got to ride one back to the other side of the valley.

If you ever get a chance, I would highly suggest Wadi Rum as a place to visit. It is absolutely gorgeous and a whole lot of fun.


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