Monday, October 24, 2016

Love's Faithful Promise- Susan Anne Mason

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Description: When her mother suffers a stroke, medical student Deirdre O'Leary makes the difficult choice to put her career on hold to care for her. Dr. Matthew Clayborne is renowned for his amazing results with patients, but when Deirdre approaches him about helping her mother, she finds him challenging and surly. Deirdre has had enough of complicated men in her life. After her fiance left her, she vowed never to give a man that kind of power again. 

Widower Dr. Matthew Clayborne is devoted to two things: his work with wounded soldiers and his four-year-old daughter, Phoebe. He won't abandon either of these priorities to care for one older woman. However, when Phoebe suffers a health scare, they're offered respite at the Irish Meadows farm, where his daughter's weakened lungs can recover--but only if he cares for Mrs. O'Leary.

Matthew intends to hate Irish Meadows, yet he immediately feels at home, and soon both Mrs. O'Leary and Phoebe are showing improvement. But since he has no intention of leaving his life up north forever, and Deirdre has sworn off marriage in favor of her career, how will they deal with the undeniable attraction between them?

My Thoughts: I love these books! Mason does an amazing job of portraying realistic characters with believable struggles. And where most authors lose steam the farther they get in the series, Mason's books have instead gotten better with each one. I am so sad to see this series end and really hope that she decides to write another series for these characters' children.

Truly, the only thing I think could have been done better was Connor and Jo's story. Unlike in the previous two books, where both couples received nearly equal attention and page space, Connor and Jo were maybe a fourth of this story. While I had been immediately interested the moment their POVs came into the picture, I still felt that there was more that could have happened with them. Matthew and Deirde's story was fully engaging, but I ended the book feeling like I barely knew Connor and Jo.

Everything about this book is interesting and though I wish there had been more of the one story line, both were still engaging. The book presents a number of questions that are still applicable today and will most likely touch close to home with many readers, especially those who have ever questioned whether or not they should balance both a career and a family. I highly recommend this series and look forward to anything else this author may write.

I provided an honest review of this book after having received a free copy from the publisher.

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