Monday, December 19, 2016

Seven Brides for Seven Texans- Erica Vetsc, ect.

My Rating: 4 Stars

Description: Meet the seven Hart brothers of the 7-Heart ranch in central Texas. Each man is content in his independent life, without the responsibilities of a wife and children—until their father decides 1874 will be the year his grown sons finally marry, or they will be cut from his will. How will each man who values his freedom respond to the ultimatum? Can love develop on a timeline, or will it be sacrificed for the sake of an inheritance?

My Thoughts: For a collection of novellas, this one is pretty good. Each takes about an hour to read, making them perfect for those days when you want to enjoy a story but have limited time to do so. The premise is a little farfetched, as I find it hard to believe that a father (at least one who wanted his children to be happy) would require all SEVEN sons to get married in one year.

As with other collections of works by multiple authors,  some of the Hart stories are better than others. For instance, Chrisholm's story was engaging, despite the length, and most of the stories followed suit. However, one issue I found with a series of novellas told about one family yet written by more than one author is that the depiction of the family differed from story to story. Most everything was the same (personalities, characteristics, ect.) but, particularly with how the father related to his sons, there where some differences that bothered me.

If you enjoy these collections, then this is a fun one to pick up and the length of each story makes it a lot easier for busy people to enjoy. And unlike many others, these novellas actually read like complete stories rather than a compilation of writing samples.

I have provided an honest review after having received a copy of this book through Netgalley.

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