Monday, October 23, 2017

Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops- Jane Jenkins Herlong

My Rating: 3 Stars

Description: RHINESTONES ON MY FLIP FLOPS offers the message Jane lives by: prove people wrong and laugh while living your dreams.

As a nationally recognized Southern humorist, wife, and mother, Jane provides scriptural take-home wisdom and common-sense timeless truths. The purpose of RHINESTONES ON MY FLIP FLOPS is two-fold: to remind readers about biblical women who faced change and to provide life lessons about handling change that will benefit every woman. This book is designed to hit the heart with teachable stories that will encourage, inspire, and create laughable, honest moments. The book's common-sense, biblical answers will help women confidently face another day with empowerment and to pass their wisdom to the next generation.

My Thoughts: This is the first book I have read by this author, one I picked up in search of inspiring stories told with a sense of humor. The format of each chapter is that Jane introduces woman from the Bible who messed up in some way and then tells stories from her own life that relate. In the end, Jane then sums up how woman can take these stories as examples of how to find grace in life's flip-flops.

I found some of these stories entertaining. Her mishaps brought a touch of humor and Jane in no way shied from telling stories that had embarrassed her in the past. However, I found the majority of the snippets unrelatable as almost all of them had to do with either her life as a beauty queen or her domestic failures, both of which are subjects I was unable to connect with. I also failed to find the  way in which she told these stories amusing.

A running joke throughout is the phonetic way in which people she has known spoke. This mode of comedy is one that I have never enjoyed when it comes to reading because it forces me to read the joke at a much slower pace than I am used to. And once part of a funny story is ruined for me, the rest usually falls flat as well. However, I do realize that my preferences when it comes to humor do not ring true for all, and that many woman will likely relate to Jane's stories in a way that I was unable to. And I still may recommend it to woman who I believe might find inspiration from reading about Jane's flip-flops.

I have provided an honest review after having received a copy of this book from the publisher.

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