Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sword of the Six- Scott Appleton

My Rating: 3 stars

Description: When in ancient times the dragon prophet was betrayed by his choicest warriors, he set in mind a plan to bring the traitors to justice. Nearly one thousand years later he sets new warriors on a quest to mete out justice . . . these warriors' veins flow not with human blood, but the strength of the dragon's. Weilding rusted swords whose blades still drip with the blood of the innocents slain by them, the dragon's human daughters set out to find the first of the traitors.

My Thoughts:  The beginning and end of this novel were EPIC! I loved them. The imagery is amazing and so easy to picture, just as it is through out the novel. There was just something great about the prologue especially. I love the cover too.

That is where my praise ends. I don't know it was simply the draft I read and it was edited once more before publication, but things were just wrong. Certain things were repeated to where it was annoying, such as the location of the sisters' scabbards. Also, things would be referred to as 'the' when they had never been mentioned before or there were many of them.

I was also confused as to Albino's role. He seemed to be all knowing, as God would, but then not be. Most of the sisters, as well, confused me. They had to be there, but then did not do much of anything. There were also some other unexplained things.

At the beginning, the Appleton had a note that said that this book is sort of a prologue to the rest. In that case, the next books will probably make a lot more sense as they are the true story. If the book went through another draft, I could see this book being a 4, possibly even 5, stared book. As is, it is only a 3.

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