Friday, November 8, 2013

Writing Tip- There is Always a Price

I have gone on an Once Upon A Time kick. I love this show. Seriously. And it has so much that we can learn about writing.

Rumpelstiltskin's most famous quote is "Magic always comes with a price, Deary." And he is right. In this post at Go Teen Writer's, Jill Williamson talks about different types of "magic". The special abilities that our characters have. And every one of these abilities should cost the character something, whether it is energy or faith.

Not only does magic have a price, but so does every decision and word spoken. Never should something happen, that does not cost a price. Because then it is too easy, then it is not real.

Your hero saves the princess.. what does he lose to do so? Your heroine finds her freedom... what does she sacrifice to gain it?

In my book, Bonded Souls, Lan gets her life long dream, she becomes a rider. But the price is struggle, with a new husband, a new family, and a life long adversary. Othniel breaks free from his father, but he loses his comfort zone. And through the rest of the novel, they gain one thing, only to suffer for it.

Everything has a price, even if the one gaining is not the one paying. What do your characters pay?


  1. I love this! I admit that I have had a lack of payment from characters before and it makes them quite flat charries. The MC in my WIP has to sacrifice his dying sister's last days in order to stop a war that will tear his country apart and the more minor characters also have to make sacrifices. It's always a good reminder! :)

    1. I struggle with it sometimes too. It is always good to remember.