Thursday, June 25, 2015

Heather Manning and Carried Home- Guest Post

Hey, everyone! I am very excited to be guest posting here on Backing Books! 

Today, I would like to tell you a little bit about the main characters of my new novel, Carried Home. If you read my first novel, Swept to Sea, you might recognize Ivy and Gage, who made appearances in Swept to Sea as Eden and Caspian’s friends.

Lady Ivy Shaw: Ivy is a caring individual. Whether it’s her young brother, her group of friends, an abandoned baby, or a handsome pirate captain, Ivy feels a need to take care of everyone around her. Her care sometimes turns to worry, however, as she worries a lot about her little brother back in England. After jumping onboard a mission to rescue her best friend, Ivy finds herself stranded in the Caribbean with no easy way to get back to her brother. So, she enlists the services of Captain Gage Thompson to carry her back home to London on his newly found ship.

Captain Gage Thompson: Gage just became a captain, and he still is not too sure of himself holding a leadership role. For years, he sailed under his best friend, Caspian, but now he has to command a crew on his own. Despite his insecurities in his ability as a captain, Gage eagerly agrees to take Lady Shaw back to England, since he would hate to not rescue a damsel in distress. But his unruly crew has other ideas, and Gage has to learn that he can command the respect of his crew.

Ivy and Gage are just two characters from Carried Home, which features a colorful cast of both new and recognizable characters. To meet more characters, take a look at Carried Home on Amazon or wherever you buy books. Now, here’s an excerpt from Carried Home:

Gage nearly heaved a sigh of relief as he braced a hand against the lady’s back, turned her around, and guided her back to the street on which they had come upon the child.

What shall we do with her, Captain?”

The sounds of the street faded to his ears, and all he could see was the baby in Lady Shaw’s arms. The child turned her little head and reached a tiny hand out to him in a sweet gesture.

He knew at that moment that he couldn’t leave this little one out in the streets. What if someone had taken him and Addie in right away after they had been abandoned? He couldn’t let this girl go through what he had when he was small. But what would he do with a baby?

Captain, please. We cannot leave her here, for some stranger to take care of. Her own mother abandoned her. Sweet thing. We need to take her with us. I beg you.”

Gage stifled a groan. Dash it all, the woman was thinking the same way he was. He had hoped that she would have enough sense to persuade him to leave the child alone, so they could begin their journey as soon as she had wanted only hours earlier.

Lady Shaw…exactly what are you going to do with a baby on board a pirate ship?” There, he forced the voice of reason out from his throat.

The child let out a small whimper, drawing Gage’s attention. Small copper ringlets of hair framed her face, and wide blue eyes blinked up at him. She again reached her tiny, open palm up toward him, and in that moment, his heart melted.

There was no way he could let reason make itself known in this matter.

About the Author: Bestselling author Heather Manning is a young lady who loves to read—and write. After she won several writing competitions, her first book was professionally published and quickly became an Amazon Bestseller. She is an active member of her local ACFW chapter and lives in Kansas City, Missouri where she attends high school, sees plays, devours do-nuts, and acts in community theatre. You can find Heather on her blog:

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  1. I rarely read in the romance genre, but Ivy and Captain Gage sound like such an adorable couple I just might have to give this a try!