Friday, August 12, 2016

S. D. Grimm's Upcoming Novel- Scarlet Moon- Fantasy Friday

While at Realm Makers this year, I was able to take a class from Kirk DouPonce from DogEared Design, in which he showed a video detailing how he had made one of his latest book covers. It was a pretty awesome, five or so minute video, showing the process for Scarlet Moon by S. D. Grimm.

Now, the cover for this book is amazing and I am excited to see if the book itself will be just as good.

Description: Destiny can pick someone else.

Evil is slipping through the cracks of its prison, and all Soleden trembles in its wake. Yet some would harness that evil to their own ends, and first among them is Idla, the sorceress queen bent on distorting the world.

Only one can stand in her way: Jayden. Upon realizing her mark as the prophesied Deliverer, Jayden conceals herself from her enemies and her Feravolk countrymen. But after the harm the Feravolk caused to her family, she is loath to rescue the not-so-innocent.

Hiding her mark was never easy, but now that Jayden knows both Queen Idla and the Feravolk are after her, hiding her gift of the Blood Moon will be impossible.

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