Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sherlock Meets Sherlock- Episode 2

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Announcer: We so do hope that you enjoyed last weeks episode of Sherlock Meets Sherlock and are here now for episode two rather than having come upon this by accident. However, if you are joining us for the first time, you can find a link to the first episode in the listings above.

As with last week, BBC's Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have found themselves in the flat of Warner Brothers' Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Let's watch and see how they react to each other.

(Summary: In this episode, the BBC Sherlock has begun to recognize the Warner Brothers' Sherlock as his doppelganger. As the characters from each all have the same names, Warner Brothers' Sherlock Holmes and John Watson will be denoted by their last names, while the BBC characters will go by their first names.)

The Scene: Holmes and Watson stand in the doorway to the back room while John and Sherlock stand in the middle of it.

John: (Angrily points at Holmes) You are not us.

Holmes: Well, of course not. Not exactly. 

Watson: They are not use at all. Have you lost your mind?

Holmes: Quiet possibly.

John: (To Sherlock) Sherlock, will you not say something?

Sherlock: I do believe he already covered it. (Finds a chair and brushes its contents onto the floor before sitting with a flourish of his coat) There's really not much more for me to say.

John: You mean to say that you are just going to sit there and let them impostor us?

Watson: (Points cane at John) Now see here.

(Holmes moves to stand beside Sherlock while Watson and John advance toward each other. Holmes and Sherlock watch on)

Holmes: I must say that I find this rather entertaining. 

Sherlock: Whatever do you mean?

(Both Sherlock and Holmes watch in silence for a moment)

Holmes: I believe this is the perfect opportunity for an experiment. What do you think we could do to them?

Sherlock: Do to them? (Sherlock turns to Holmes with a look of disgust) We are not going to do anything.

Holmes: Don't tell me that you're not even the tiniest bit curious as to what we can get them to fight over. (Holmes lifts a fire poker of the table next to him and stares at it as though he can not fathom what it is) You are me, after all.

Sherlock: I'm not that much like you.

Holmes: (Twirls the poker in the air like a baton) Do tell.

Sherlock: (Shakes down his sleeves and tilts his head) I see by the red of your eyes and the paler of your cheeks that you have been engaging in illegal substances for sometime now.

Holmes: Utterly fascinating. (Uses the fire poker as a staff) But you forget, I too can read you and I have already noticed the needle marks on your arms, though you have now covered them up. Meaning that you too have been... partaking.

Sherlock: That was for a case.

Holmes: Was it?

Sherlock: Yes.

(Sherlock and Holmes stare at each other for a moment. Watson and John are in the background, yelling at each other)

Sherlock: (Notices a picture of Irene Adler on the coffee table across from him, though he does not instantly recognize her. He smirks) Sentiment.

Holmes: Excuse me?

Sherlock: Who is she? The woman that you love? I must say that I am shock--

Holmes: (Interrupts) Who said anything about love?

Sherlock: (Motions to the room) You did. In every way other than words.

Holmes: (Sniffs rather loudly) (To Watson) Watson, are you rather done yet?

(In the time that Sherlock and Holmes interrogated each other, John has given Watson a bloody nose and Watson has gotten John in a headlock)

Watson: (Grabs a nearby plate, covered in Holmes' last forgotten meal which now spills across the floor, and bashes it against John's head) Just a moment more.

Holmes: Take your time.

Scene Break: Fades to black. 

Announcer: Come back next week for this season's final installment of Sherlock Meets Sherlock.

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