Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sherlock Meets Sherlock- Episode 3

Listings: Episode 1, Episode 2

Announcer: So you've decided to return? Well, we are certainly glad to have you here for our final installment of this season's Sherlock Meets Sherlock. Remember that if you have not seen the first two episodes, you can find them in the listings above. And if you would like to see this broadcast continue, please leave a comment for our producer.

As with the past two weeks, BBC's Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have found themselves in the flat of their Warner Brothers counterparts. The following is an experiment to see how they would react to each other.

(Summary: As the characters from each all have the same names, Warner Brothers' Sherlock Holmes and John Watson will be denoted by their last names, while the BBC characters will go by their first names. Watson and John have since completed their fistcuff from the last episode and now the characters discuss how this situation could have come to be and how to undo it.)

The Scene: They all sit in chairs, Sherlock and John on one side of the room while Holmes and Watson are on the other. Watson has his head tilted back and is pinching his nose while John rubs his neck.

Holmes: (Claps his hands to break the silence) Well, isn't this fun?

(Watson glares at him)

John: You call this fun?

Sherlock: Of course he does. He obviously gets off on this sort of thing.

Holmes: And you don't?

Sherlock: (With an air of superiority) Of course not.

(Watson snorts and then cringes)

Holmes: (Looks at Watson) I do say, you should try not to laugh.

Watson: Shut up.

Sherlock: This exchange is all together fascinating, but there are more pressing matters.

Holmes: Charges of breaking and entering for instance?

Sherlock: You know very well that's not what happened here.

Holmes: I know nothing of the sort. (Nudges Watson) Would you mind handing me my pipe?

Watson: Get it yourself.

Holmes: Rude.

Sherlock: (Groans) Would you please?

John: (Crosses his arms) Just ignore them, Sherlock. We don't need them to solve this.

Holmes: (To Watson) Why can't you be that supportive?

Watson: Because you're an idiot.

Sherlock: I need absolute silence. (Leans forward with his fingers at his temples)

Watson: (Leans forward as well) (To John) What is he doing?

John: (Whispers) It's his mind palace.

Holmes: Does it work?

Watson: (Yells) Are you kidding me?

Holmes: Perhaps I should try it.

Sherlock: Does no one understand the meaning of silence?  (Stands abruptly)

John: I have not said a thing.

Sherlock: You're still contributing to the problem. (Begins to pace)

Watson: Now what is he doing?

John: He's trying to find a solution to this mess.

Holmes: Why does he not simply reenact the actions which brought you here?

John: We don't know what actions brought us here. This isn't exactly normal.

Holmes: Really? I had assumed you did this everyday.

Watson: Oh, knock it off. No else finds this as giddily fascinating as you do.

Holmes: Perhaps that is the problem. (Stands as well, then turns dramatically to John) Why don't you tell me, in exact detail, how it is that you came to find yourself here?

John: Are you serious? (Points behind him to Sherlock) If he can't figure this out, what makes you think you can?

Watson: Because he's Sherlock Holmes. He believes he can do anything.

Holmes: That is incorrect.

Watson: Is it? (Watson and Holmes glare at each other)

Holmes: (Looks away first) It hardly matters. One can not discover the full extent of a puzzle without having encountered all the pieces. (To John) Now, please--

Sherlock: (Yells) Of course!

(Watson and John both stand. All look to Sherlock)

Holmes: What is it?

Sherlock: (Ignores Holmes) Come. (Grabs John's hand and tugs him across the room)

John: (Furious) Would you let go of me!

Sherlock: It is completely obvious.

(Watson and Holmes follow close behind)

Watson: What is?

Sherlock: (Spins about, now clutching John by the shoulder) It was right in front of us all along.

Holmes: Do not keep with this suspense. Tell me!

Sherlock: (Grins snarkily) Why, it's elementary.

(There is a thunderous boom and blinding flash. Watson and Holmes shield their eyes. Papers float around them as though recently thrown in the air. Watson opens his eyes first. John and Sherlock are gone)

Watson: Well, that's over with.

Holmes: (Looks as well) I can't believe they did that.

Watson: Did what?

Holmes: The man could have at least told us how he managed to do it.

Watson: (Angry) Are you actually serious?

Fades to black. THE END

Announcer: We hope you enjoyed this special. Remember that if you did not catch the last two episodes, you can find those above in the listings.

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