Monday, April 10, 2017

Praying the Psalms- Ben Patterson

My Rating: 4 Stars

Description: Have you ever tried to pour out your deepest feelings to God, only to discover that you can't find the words? We want to feel connected to God, but sometimes it seems like we're not speaking the same language.

There is no better place in all of Scripture than Psalms to learn to be with God. Praying the Psalms includes 50 selections from this book--songs of praise, cries for help, glad rejoicings, and humble offerings--accompanied by inspirational devotions that will open a divine window in your prayer life.

Adapted from God's Prayer Book; now in a deluxe LeatherLike binding.

My Thoughts: Though I have read through the Bible a few times, Psalms is a book I tended to slog through. It was only slightly more interesting to me than Numbers, and I simply could not understand why so many people loved to quote it. Praying the Psalms seemed like a chance to figure out why others found this book of the Bible so moving.

I have to say that this little book managed to give me a new perspective on the Psalms. It allowed me to take my time, reading each one individually and to really appreciated what the original writers were saying. Instead of rushing through multiple chapters in one day, I lingered on each and compared them to my own heart cry.

Each of the Psalms included is followed by the author's take on the subject matter, along with a breakdown of some of the more important verses. Though I appreciated Patterson's perspective, I did not agree with all of his conclusions. Some did not seem to correlate as well with the scripture as did others.

I really liked the size of this book. As someone who travels for work, Praying the Psalms was compact enough to bring along in my bag, with short enough chapters that I was able to read it on days when all I wanted was to collapse in bed and never get up. I would definitely recommend it as a gift for family members who struggle to get through longer devotionals and I plan to reread it myself.

I have provided an honest review after having received a copy from the publisher.

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