Saturday, March 16, 2013

Circle of Honor- Carol Umberger

My Rating: 4 Stars

DescriptionA riveting story of betrayal and love on the highlands of medieval Scotland - beautifully packaged with French flaps and deckled edges. It is 14th century Scotland and Gwenyth Comyn has a choice to make. She can accuse her sworn enemy, Adam Mackintosh, of assaulting her-though that crime was committed by another-or she can tell the truth and remain in captivity to her actual attacker. Her decision is complicated by the fact that she has fallen in love with Adam. 

Circle of Honor takes you back to the time of Robert the Bruce and Scotland's war for independence from England. Gwenyth has been stripped of her title and lands, and now she must confront the battle between her heart and her head. Her fate, and Adam's, rest in the choice set before her.

My Thoughts: This was a pretty good book. I love Highland romances and found this at the used bookstore. Like the description says, the book has deckled edges which made me buy it then and there (Pages like that are so cool!). 

There is very minimal description which I enjoyed because I was able to picture things my way. The only downside was that I had a hard time picturing a couple minor characters because they had no description but gender.

As far as a deep read, it was not. The villain really had no depth and the conflict was mostly political. However, as a romance, the tension between the hero and heroine was great.

Over all, it was enjoyable and I plan to find the next one in the series.

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