Monday, August 12, 2013

Writing Tip- Editing and Changes

So, I don't know about for you, but for me, college starts next week. On top of that, I just got a job this last week. For this reason, I will not have the time to read two books a week and will only be reading one. Mondays will now be Writing Tips and Fridays will be reviews. I hope to keep both going and do not want to miss any for you. If I happen to be able to read two books a week, I may switch it back, but it appears that I will be unable to do so until Winter Break or even next summer.

On a more productive note:

Editing Trick: A month ago, a friend of mine (who doesn't even write) gave me an amazing editing idea. I have been using it since and it makes the process so much easier as well as speeds it.

Before, when I got to a sentence or paragraph that I needed to change, but was not sure how to go about it, I would spend way too much time trying to fix it (around 30 mins). My friend suggested that when I reached these places, I copy the offending piece into another document and then replace it in the WIP with a number. Then, after I finished the rest of the chapter, I could come back and fill in the space with something knew. If I still could not come up with something, I could always look at it in the other document.

This was such a simple method, that when my friend said it, I face-palmed. How did I not think of it before?! It is amazing, and has earned my friend a place in the acknowledgements of my first published novel (when I have one).

 Some of you may already use this trick, but I decided to share just in case.


  1. Who was it that gave you the idea Bekah? And I better be acknowledged because I'm your sister! Jk :P

    1. It was Sara during our long distance phone call.