Monday, March 3, 2014

Writing Tip- College Admittance

Just wanted to let any of you who are applying to college know this bit of information. College admittance officers find it extremely amazing if you can tell them you have written a full length novel. It does not have to have been published or have won an award, they still love it!

When I first applied to college in 2012, I told my admittance officer about my novel and she became really excited. I was then excepted in the college (a private college) with a huge scholarship. At the admittance ceremony, when they read off our achievements, my 4.0 gpa was not listed as my greatest accomplishment, nor was my numerous offices in clubs or community service. It was my novel that the college listed as my greatest accomplishment. And at the time, only my mom had ever read it.

I did not end up at that college, because it was just to far from my family, but I still remember that and have been proud of the admittance letter I received. Now I am transfering colleges thought that I would let all of you know.

You may not be published. You may not have let anyone see your writing. But you have written and you have persevered. And there are important people who take notice of the work that takes and will honor you for it. Do not give up.