Monday, March 24, 2014

Writing Tip- Unwanted Destinies

King Arthur and Merlin

 Every hero anyone has ever loved has feared his or her destiny in some way. Because destinies are scary things with hardships and pains along the way.

The destiny will take a strength of character never before known to the hero, a growth of heart and moral. And every emotion felt in is a growing pain, making them who they need to be. Because the boy at the beginning of the story could never do what the man could at the end.

Prince Caspian

After reading A Draw of Kings this past week, the idea of destinies is one that has captured me. That someone like Errol, or Caspian from Narnia, could have a plan set out for their lives by God and the kind of fear that such knowledge brought to them.

That fear of destiny is what makes us love them, what makes them heroes. Because they were like us and they became who we hope to be. So give your heroes destinies, a path to trod. Let them become who we want to be.

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