Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Day in the Life of Bookishqueen

Ok, I am actually going to tell you what I have been up to for the past month, but A Day in the Life sounded like a better title, so please forgive me.

Late last month, by Grandma and my Aunt came for a visit and we all went to Gatlinburg TN, Tail of the Dragon NC, and then a dam in NC that I can not remember the name to. We shopped and had a lot of fun (well, other than the name, I am not much of a fan of The Tail of the Dragon, a road with some 300 curves in 11 miles) but the rest of my family loved it. Here are some pictures:

Gatlinburg has a strip mall called The Village. There, I found and rode this majestic horse. :)

Got my Mom (left) and Aunt (right) to join in.

Even played in the river with my brother and sister.

Then we stopped at the Aquarium and got to take a picture with one of the divers there. I know it is a little had to see, but I am the short one.

On the way to the Tail of the Dragon, we saw this view. Ok, so I really climbed out on a cliff to take that, but we were still going to the dragon.

Speaking of which, a the Dragon, I found this sign. Love it.

Then we stopped at the dam, where I found a lot of story inspiration if I ever want to write a dystopian.

What about you? What had all my readers been up to? I would love to know. And later this week, I will share more of the past month.


  1. Wow, sounds like a wonderful trip! And great pictures!

    We've still got to go on our family vacation, but it should be fun!

    1. It was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy yours!

  2. I had no idea you posted this Bekers! Good idea to use these pictures. Maybe I should do this on my blog.