Monday, August 25, 2014

Merlin's Nightmare- Robert Treskillard

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Haunted by the past, chased by the present.

Arthur is now eighteen, and Merlin, tired of hiding and running from his enemies, wants nothing more than to spend his days with his family and train Arthur for his rightful place as king. But when Arthur goes missing, a desperate Merlin must abandon all other quests to find him before a shadowy pursuer catches Arthur first.

Having everything to fight for, and almost nothing to fight with, Merlin and Arthur must rally Britain’s warriors against three overwhelming enemies: Saxenow hordes in the south, Picti raiders in the north, and a chilling new enemy that has arisen in the west.

At the same time, Mórgana brings Merlin’s deepest fear to life and sets a horde of werewolves loose to destroy Britain. But when the secret purpose of this nightmare is finally revealed, will Merlin and Arthur find a way to survive—without unleashing an even greater evil?

My Thoughts:Merlin's Nightmare continues sixteen years after Merlin's Shadow. Arthur has grown up and Merlin is married to Natalyena, which I thought was great. Being a fan or King Arthur, I liked to see him actually taking part in the adventures, rather than being more along for the ride as a baby. The story held my interest far better than Merlin's Shadow because I was able to see how the story played into Arthur's future as King.

I know that Treskillard has an accompanying series in the works and can not wait to read it. The Arthurian legends have always fascinated me, and I can not wait to see what life Treskillard breaths into them.

If you enjoyed the first two novels in the Merlin's Spiral trilogy, you will love this one and its host of characters. Get ready, because the true battle for Britain has just begun.

I received this novel through CSFF in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thanks, Rebekah, for being part of the tour, but also of the contest. Check out my post tomorrow to find out what bonus prize you'll be getting in the tour. Once they're finished, I'll be mailing everything out.

  2. Good blog tour post. But I was distracted in reading it because of the cool background to your blog with that old-fashioned German book, I kept trying to read THAT. Because German books are cool....

    1. lol, I do think it is cool. I just can't read German, so I have not tried to read it.

  3. Hi Rebekah! I think Merlin's Blade was my favorite and I loved the second book. I was very curious how the characters would be jumping into the story sixteen years later. Working on my thoughts on that one!

    I too look forward to the next installment!

  4. I liked all 3 books but I'll have to agree with you, Merlin's Blade was my favorite. Can't wait to see how the companion series turns out . . .

  5. Hi Rebekah! I totally agree with what you're saying:) I love that Arthur gets to play a prominent role in the story!!! Great review:)))