Thursday, January 10, 2013

Moonblood- Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Rating: 4 Stars

Description: A New Novel for Fantasy Readers Young and Old.
Desperate to regain the trust of his kingdom, Prince Lionheart reluctantly banishes his faithful servant and only friend, Rose Red. Now she is lost in the hidden realm of Arpiar, held captive by her evil goblin father, King Vahe. 

Vowing to redeem himself, Lionheart plunges into the mysterious Goldstone Wood, seeking Rose Red. In strange other worlds, Lionheart must face a lyrical yet lethal tiger, a fallen unicorn, and a goblin horde on his quest to rescue the girl he betrayed. 

With the Night of Moonblood fast approaching, when King Vahe seeks to wake the Dragon's sleeping children, Lionheart must discover whether or not his heart contains courage before it's too late for Rose Red...and all those he loves.

My Thoughts:  I have a soft spot for fantasy and pretty covers, I will admit. Well this book (As well as the rest of the series) probably has the prettiest cover I have ever seen and I think most people agree with me. 

Stengls books remind me of the Chronicles of Narnia (depth of history), Alice in Wonderland (The one with Johnny Depp), and The Circle Trilogy (depth of writing).

Moonblood has moments that make you laugh and then gasp out loud. The shenanigans of the characters are unforgettable and perfect comic relief. But this book is not a beach read. Those who read it should be prepared to spend some time if they want to get anything out of it. 

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