Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sushi for One?- Camy Tang

Rating: 4.5 stars

Description: Lex Sakai's family is big, nosy, and marriage-minded. When her cousin Mariko gets married, Lex will become the oldest single cousin in the clan.

Lex has used her Bible study class on Ephesians to compile a huge list of traits for the perfect man. But the one man she keeps running into doesn't seem to have a single quality on her list. It's only when the always-in-control Lex starts to let God take over that all the pieces of this hilarious romance finally fall into place.

 My Thoughts: I did not read this book when it first came out, I will admit. The title just did nothing for me. It seemed like the story would revolve around sushi and that seemed weird. So I never got the book. I wish I had.

After reading Protection for Hire (which I did not realize at the time was the same author) I decided I liked Tang's writing. That's when I found out she had written Sushi for One?, which I had avoided. So then I spent the next year trying to find a copy. Bookstores did not have it anymore, library didn't have it even though they had her other books, but at last I found it at the used bookstore.

I am so glad that I finally read it (though now my sister is having the same issue with the title). It is a hilarious story about a spunky Asian trying to balance her American life with her Japanese heritage. Not only that, but her life is caving in around her while she tries to figure everything out on her own instead of giving it to God. I think she learned that it is like trying to fix a pool with masking tape.

The reason the book is not a full 5 stars is because of Aiden. He was an awesome guy and I loved him, but his issues with faith did not seem real. Maybe that was because the reader does not see most of the changes in him.

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