Monday, December 9, 2013

Author Interview- Heather Manning

I first met Heather through a common author facebook page, and then found out that she was also a member of Go Teen Writers. Since then, I have been able to congratulate her on being published at the age of 16! To celebrate her book's release, I thought I would interview her and tell you guys about her new book.

Lady Eden Trenton never wanted to leave her privileged existence in London—until her father invites a dangerous suitor into her life. Left with few options, Eden devises the best reprieve she can: escape. Chasing freedom, she stows away aboard a pirate ship, praying she will gain her independence in the colonies before she is discovered by the nefarious crew. 

Captain Caspian Archer has spent the last five years hardening his heart and searching to exact revenge for the event that tore his life to shreds. When he catches word that his enemy is residing in Jamaica, Caspian steers his ship toward the colonies in all haste. His plans soon change, however, when he discovers the young beauty hiding in his ship’s hold.

Cut from the only lives they have known, Caspian and Eden are pulled together as each pursues a fresh hope upon the sea.

Author Bio: Heather Manning is a young lady who loves to read—and write. She has won multiple competitions for her writing with “Nextgen Writers” and placed first in some writing contests with the “Go Teen Writers” blog and is a proud member of ACFW. She lives in Missouri where she attends high school, acts in community theatre, eats donuts and reads every Inspirational Historical Romance she can get her hands on. 

 Hi, Heather! Thank you for coming today.

Thank you so much for having me! 

Is there anything that you would like to tell us about your new book? 

Well, I would like to tell you that I hope you like it! It is an inspirational historical romance about a young aristocratic lady who stows away on a pirate ship to escape marriage to an abusive fiancĂ©. 

 What gave you the idea for this story? 

I am not certain exactly where I got my idea, but I know I was reading other books in a similar genre. I wanted to create something of my own like that, so I did. I also wanted to base a trilogy around three best friends and their adventures in the Caribbean. The rest just came as I worked on it. 

Who is your favorite character and why? 

Don’t make me choose between my babies! LOL. I think my favorite character would be Eden, just because I “spent so much time with her.” I sometimes feel like she is a close friend. Now you probably think I am crazy. Also, Reed, Caspian’s little son, is my other favorite character because he is absolutely adorable. 

Why did you decide to write this genre? 

I decided to write in this genre because it is what I read. I think it kind of just…is me. I write inspirational because I am a Christian, and I write historical romance because I adore history and romance. I could spend all my days studying history and examining historical houses. 

You have been published at a very young age. What is that like? 

It is very interesting. I hope it will be good for me and give me a chance to have a long career. I have been treated a little differently in normal life. Now people who knew I write are kind of shocked and happy for me and just treat me differently. It is really interesting. Adults who once kind of just laughed at my “hobby” of writing now are very surprised. It is also interesting to get all of my publishing stuff and writing done while I have school, but I suppose that it would be the same for anyone who has a job, so it is not different too much in that aspect. 

Do you have any suggestions for other teen writers? 

My suggestions would be to read, read, read, and write, write, write. That is what will help you. I also would suggest that other writers go to writers’ conferences. The information and connections found there are absolutely invaluable to writers young and not as young. 

 And my favorite question, has anything in your novel ever happened to you? 

Hmm, let me think. Well, I know that in one scene I have Eden get knocked out. I think the description in this is pretty accurate because right before I wrote it I felt like fainting one day. Aimee’s fear of rodents is somewhat based in my sometimes-nonexistent-sometimes-extremely-existent fear of creepy crawly bugs. Also, the many instances where Eden hits her head on things is based on my dear sister who has accidentally hit her head more times than I can remember.
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Haha! I do hit my head a lot, dear sister! ;)
    Great interview, and I love your book, Heather!

  2. New follower! I enjoyed reading this interview. Can't wait to read Heather's book! :)

  3. Good interview! I enjoyed it! I wish you much success, Heather! :)

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