Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Story Contest- Finale

So, the names were all entered into the contest, and the winner is....

Hannah W.

Please email me so that we can work out the particulars of your post.

And, as promised, the premise of my new story:

   The last thing that Hayley expected after being assigned to work on a Greek mythology project with Andrew was that the two of them would end up in a world of legends. Yet that is the exact nightmare she has awoke to. In a land where gods rule by fear, monsters run rampant, and relationships are held together by a tenuous thread, Hayley must trust the most unlikely of allies to return home: Apollo and Artemis, the twin god and goddess with family issues, Demetre, the man fighting his monstrous past, and Andrew, the high school terror. Because if there is one thing this world is in short supply of, it is trust.

The premise for the trilogy:

   Trouble is brewing in Olympus. Rumors spread by the nymphs in trees and rivers. Someone is causing trouble─ enough to upset the gods' divinity. A secret hidden since the beginning of the world is coming to light. One that may cause even the gods to bow.

If you enjoyed the premise, here is an excerpt from Chapter 3:

"Andrew.” Hayley tightened her grip on his arm. “Look.”

The moment he saw them, a curse slipped from his mouth. He turned and bent his knees. “Get on my back.”
She did as he said, too frightened to argue or think of another solution. The moment his arms clamped around her legs, he took of running. She held tight to his shoulders and tucked her head close to his. Branches reached across the path and swiped at her hair. The leaves cackled in laughter.
What was this place? A shutter tore through her, an echo of the shaking ground beneath them.
A man yelled and another whooped in response. But these were not men. They were creatures from stories she now wished she had never read.
She had to be dreaming. Her and Andrew were still in the library, probably passed out on the floor. That was what had happened. They had not been transported to another world, they were not being chased by centaurs. It couldn't be real.
A hand grabbed her hair and pulled. She screamed. Andrew yelled and stumbled. His grip on her legs loosened and the hand in her hair was joined by another under her arm. Now she couldn't stop screaming and she tightened her grip on Andrew.
The hands pulled at her, lifting her from Andrew's back. Her hold slipped from his shoulders to his neck and he gave a choked cry as they were jerked back. A centaur appeared on at their side and grabbed her hands, yanking them from Andrew. He yelled and reached for her. The centaur shoved him to the ground.
Held in the air by only her arm and her hair, Hayley kicked her legs and screamed until her throat ached. Her foot landed against the centaur's chest and it stumbled before hoisting her higher and tossing her to the side.
Another centaur caught her about the waist, knocking the breath out of her and pining her arms to her sides. She stared in horror at its smiling face, so like that of a man's. Its long brown hair slapped at her cheeks and the centaur leaned its head towards hers. She screamed and struck out. The centaur only laughed and flipped her over its shoulder, binding her legs to its chest.


  1. Squee! What fun! Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to it!

    Your story looks very fun! Mythical Greece would be a very, very scary place to be. And I wouldn't trust either Artemis or Apollo, but perhaps you'll bring an interesting new perspective on them! :)

    1. I hope that you like the perspective that I am trying to bring to them. I have been researching the pair and believe that I will be able to tell an interesting story about them.

      Don't forget to email me so that we can work out your post:)