Monday, December 9, 2013

Five Glass Slippers- A message from Anne Elisabeth

Dear imps and creative writers various . . . I'm interrupting the Veiled Rose read-along briefly (today's post on chapter 8 can still be found below) with a quick announcement for the Five Glass Slippers Creative Writing Contest.

The deadline is quickly approaching, and I have lots of stories pouring in. So I want to remind those of you still working hard at your stories that you need to get your submission forms to me before December 31st. Even if you are writing on your story right up until the last day of the deadline, the submission forms need to be on my desk in advance.

As long as your submission form is postmarked on or before December 31st, I will still receive your stories on the condition that as soon as I email you your signed copy of the form and ask you to send me your manuscript, you send it within 24 hours. No waiting to tweak it into the first weeks of January. Anything that isn't sent into me right away will (sadly!) have to be disqualified in order to maintain fairness to all of the writers participating.

So get those forms to me ASAP, and have your stories ready to go! I am very eager to read them. All of the submissions have been quite wonderful, and I continue to be tremendously impressed by each new story coming in. The editors at Rooglewood Press are going to have a crazy time trying to narrow it down just five winners!

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