Saturday, December 21, 2013

Story Contest- Final Day

Okay, so I am a little late at writing this because I got distracted by a book. Which one, you ask? Well, it was Cress, the novel by Marissa Meyer that does not come out until February. As far as I can tell, I was one of thirty people in America who won an ARC and today I have already read over 200 pages since I got off of work. Soon I will review it to say just how awesome it is.

Now, to the contest. You have through the end of today to send me your answers at lotsofbooks1(at)live(dot)com. Winners will be entered into a drawing for a guest post on my blog, where you can promote your novel, blog, or anythings else that you would like to talk about. Remember that you need to guess what setting and/or characters I have in my newest book from the clues I have provided.

I have decided to extend it through today so that I may offer the opportunity to those at Go Teen Writers. To those of you who have already entered, thank you for your patience.

Here are the clues:
Clue 1
Clue 2
Clue 3
Clue 4
Clue 5


  1. I have no idea what to get from these clues and I should know what your book is about! Lol

    1. Then you are thinking about the wrong one, lol.