Saturday, April 20, 2013

Door Within Re-release!

This year (nine years after its first publication in 2005) Batson's first trilogy, The Door Within, is being re-released!

So it has been years since I first started reading as a kid (I'm in college now, so you know). Like most children, I started out with books like The Boxcar Children. Once I reached my pre-teens and I discovered the fantasy genre and ever since, Wayne Thomas Batson has been one of my favorite authors.

What I have to say about the series: I have always loved these books, I have had them on my shelf since I read the first when I was twelve. This year I had the joy of convincing my brother (a teen who really dislikes reading) to read the first two. And guess what. My brother, who takes at least two months to finish any book if at all, read each in a week and tonight asked for the third. One day I plan on sharing these books with any kids I may have.

The Author: Here is his Bio.

The Books
   •The Door Within: No longer confined to the realm of his own imagination, Aidan embarks on an adventure where he joins them in the struggle between good and evil. With the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance, Aidan faces Paragory, the eternal enemy. Will Aidan be willing to risk everything and trust the unseen hand of the one true King? The answer comes from The Door Within.

  •The Rise of the Wyrm Lord: Enter Antoinette Lynn Reed, a bright but headstrong young lady who believes in the Scrolls of Alleble and has a passion for full-contact Kendo. When Aidan discovers that Antoinette has been called to enter The Realm, he solicits her help to find Robby's Glimpse before it is too late.

When she arrives in Alleble, Antoinette finds the kingdom is in turmoil. Alleble's allies are inexplicably beginning to turn away, renouncing former ties with King Eliam. And there are rumors that the dark Prince of Paragory is seeking an ancient evil to crush Alleble once and for all.

Can Antoinette and a team of Alleble's finest knights learn the secret of Paragory's growing power? And will they be able to stop the Rise of the Wyrm Lord?

  •The Final Storm: Still staggering under Paragor's relentless attacks, Alleble's remaining allies flee from the four corners of The Realm to safety within the Kingdom's walls. But there is little time for Alleble to mourn before Paragor, the Wyrm Lord, and the deadly Seven Sleepers unite against the followers of King Eliam. As Alleble begins to lose hope, Paragor unleashes The Final Storm. Will anyone survive to see the dawn?

I hope to see some new fans soon!

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  1. I finally read these books myself not too long ago. Nock was my favorite character. :)
    Have you ever read Mr. Batson's Isle of Swords and its sequel, Isle of Fire?

    I love your blog, Rebekah! It's always so encouraging to discover books worth reading!

    1. I bought them as soon as they came out. And thank you!