Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So What Do you Think?

So for the past three years (before I started this blog) I have been looking for writing tips on blogs and books on writing. The reason is that I am writing a book. In fact, I have written one and am currently writing two more (though none are published, I am still working on that). Because of this, any time I find a resource, I snap it up or (if it costs too much) bookmark it for later.

Since I am in college as well, most of the resources I look for are free ones. These happen to be in relatively short supply. I know there are others who have this same problem, though not if any of whom are followers of this blog. I'm wondering if, starting this summer, my readers would like for me to post the resources I find. Along with that I could give my own tips, my struggles, excerpts of what I am working on, and perhaps host others who would like to do the same.

To get a feel for how this would go over, please leave me either a comment saying:

Yes, I like this idea.
Maybe, I would like more information on what you would do.
No, I just want the reviews.

I will also post a poll to the right for those who do not want to comment. Correction: I had a poll, but it is not working, please leave a comment until I have it fixed. We had 3 votes for yes when it shut down.

Thank you for reading and commenting,



  1. Sounds great! I am planning on posting excerpts of my book on my blog once I am finished it :)

    1. Really? Tell me when you do. I would like to read it.

  2. Great idea! Awesome! Totally do it:-)
    I LUV writing tips & having authors share any & all info they're willing to share!