Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Writing Tips- Fan Base

Well, before my poll broke, I had seven votes for new writing tips. Thank you all for giving your support to this!

     I have had a couple people in the writing business tell me that it is important to build your tribe (fan base) before you are published. Having fans before mean you have a better chance of selling after. I know that in the proposal for Living Ink (an imprint of AMG) they ask for endorsements ("celebrities" who would advertise your book. There are also those who ask how large your platform already is. This includes blog followers, readers of other media, ect.

    So that should be easy, right? Get people excited about what you are doing, even if it is not ready for public eyes. Give snippets, give updates, find people going through the same process and help each other. Anne Elisbeth Stengl is an awesome author who does posts on her website advertising for new authors and prospective authors who have worked with her. You can look around here to find out what I am talking about. From this prospective author, Camryn Lockhart, I won the picture below on Stengl's website. Click on the picture to read the post. I keep the picture on my shelf next to my writing notes.

     Now for my own plug (What? You can see how it works this way.) I am currently attempting to get my book, Death is Passing, published. It is a bit difficult because I do not have an agent and I have only found two publishers for this genre (speculative) who will take unsolicited (Books from unpublished authors without an agent) manuscripts. While I am waiting, I am working on making my manuscript better and am also working on another book (a fantasy) and the sequel to the first.

    Other than getting fans, I have another reason for showing you this. I had an editor tell me ones that we should only take advice from people we admire. That means that if you do not like my writing, you should keep that in mind while reading my writing tips. Some will be my tips and other will be ones that I have been given by others (like today's). I want fans, but I do not want to lead anyone astray just because I think I write well (also keep in mind that an editor has never even looked at this).

So without further ado, here it is: 
Death is Passing

The seed, the prophecy

Out of the great,
the high and the arrogant,
a leader will be formed.

A nation once firm,
grounded in the highest truth,
will birth one of remembrance.

In the field of destruction,
a seed will be planted.

Struck by calamity,
and weathered by storms,
the seed will find him.

Beaten and bruised,
it will often be jostled and dropped.

But if its carriers do their part,
if they see that it survives,
it will embed deep in his heart.

If watered and tended,
it will grow and will strengthen.
With a shout of determination,
he will rip free the chains laid on his heart.

Taking on a battle cry long forgotten,
he will race forth and slay the guard.

He will tear away the blindfold of the world
and then, mayhap for the first time,
its captives will look past the broken here
and now and see the Son
burning within him;
Ready to free all who call on His name.

Such a silly thing to be afraid of, those few words on paper. The words can’t attack or kill, yet an entire army searches for their source. Leads me to wonder why they don’t take some other words to heart. The words of prophets centuries ago seem to hold more weight to me than those written only a couple of years before now.
For whatever the reason, the Liberators believe the words of the Prophecy. Or at least believe that the words have some power. Ever since they discovered the writing they have sought for the writer and the one it describes as “a leader”. So far, their search has not been fruitful.
Yes, Liberator is what they call themselves. They say it’s because they are “here to liberate the people from the Christian menace”. They believe that they are the “guard” the prophecy speaks of and that we Christians want to “slay” them and well…. they don’t really like the idea.
Now, I can’t tell you if they are who is being spoken of, although I can tell you that some Christians do want to kill them. I don’t, but why would they believe me? This prophecy is new to me. I just recently heard of it, and from the Liberators no less. Maybe they shouldn’t be asking around about it so much as they spread it faster and farther than we ever could.
I’m still not convinced that the Prophecy isn’t a fraud, a way for the Liberator leaders to manipulate their followers through fear of a common enemy. Whether it's real or not, it’s changed my life completely.
If I had known what was going to happen, would I have still left my home that morning? I doubt it. At the time, I wasn’t ready for the pain, and I'd likely have hid in my room. That’s probably one of man’s greatest problms; that we run from things we don't like.e Jonah could tell you all about it. We don’t like discomfort or anything that even resembles it. So when it comes to a decision, pleasure usually wins seven times out of seven. How about I tell you my story and let you see for yourself what I mean.


  1. I think this Is really interesting Rebekah! Of course, I love the Christian overtones, and am curious to know more about the main character and hear more of the story to see what direction you're going with it. :-)

  2. Well, it certainly is intriguing! I immediately want to know what's going on. Is it a Historical Fiction novel? Perhaps set in Roman times?

    1. Sorry to disappoint, but it is more futuristic, set in America if Christianity were illegal here.

    2. That's not disappointing! I personally haven't read any books with that plot yet, but it's always an interesting thing to muse on. Sounds like you have an exciting story brewing!

    3. Thanks! You can stay tuned for more snippets in the future.

  3. Do you have any tips on how to build up a fan base on a blog? (Besides trying to make the blog interesting.) I notice that you've just started this year, yet have 40 members! Good for you! Did this just come about, or did you promote your blog in some way?

    1. I do not have a post, but can make one for you in a couple weeks. There is a list of things that I have done and then others that I had no control over. Until I get that post going, just keep writing interesting posts.