Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Writing Tips- Where to Go Next

So you have this great story, with complex and relatable characters, yet you can't figure out where to go next with the plot. I know I have had those times. Here ares some ways to brain storm:

Things I do:

Location Jump- Think about the general location of your characters and come up with specific places there that they might go.

    In the book I am writing at the moment, my main characters live in a town and are about to go on a trip. I was not sure where to go from there until I thought about what I would do if I were going on a trip- get supplies. After that, my characters ended up in the market, buying herbs from a cranky old woman.

Information Search- What is it that your characters need to learn? From who or what would it be best to find out?

     In my finished book, my main character, John, needed to learn about another character's past but was unlikely to ask, nor would the other character simply volunteer the information. Because one of my themes is that God speaks to us, I had John learn what he needed from a dream.

Author Suggestions:

Think the Opposite: What would NOT happen to your character next? Make a list.

    So if you are writing a romance, the heroine would not: get eaten by a shark or turn into a bear (unless it is paranormal).
   The characters in the book I shared the prologue from last week would not: Give up their faith, go to a ball, or buy a dress.

•Ask You Second: Interview a secondary character. See what they would do next. Perhaps it will catalyze an action by the hero.

    In the book I am writing now, my hero, Othniel, was pleased with something that had just happen. This was good in that he was happy, bad in it left me nowhere to go. To give a new conflict I asked a secondary character, Drenda, what she thought. She was not happy, so my characters had an argument.

Write Something Else: Write a short story. Write a part of your characters past or future.

There are always other things that can help. I often get ideas from the classes I am taking in college. Sometimes stories from my family or my pastor jump start ideas. If it gets you thinking, do it.

If you have anything that you want tips on: writing round characters, naming characters, or anything else, please mention it in the comments. I will try to post on those things sooner than later.


  1. Very useful tips! Thank you! And I like the names of your characters! :)

    1. Thanks! Have wondered what others would think of the names I came up with.